People outdoors, work and play - portfolio 11

Fall Roundup, cowboy on horseback, dogs and cattle.
fall roundup
Big game hunter wading icy river on backpack hunt.
big game hunter
Float-tube propulsion, swin fins on wading boots.
float-tube propulsion
The secret hole, fly fisher casting in sunset-tinted waters.
secret hole

Great day afield, two pheasant hunters and dogs.
great day afield
All part of it, ranch hands medicating cattle.
all part of it
Bowhunter, carrying deer decoy.
The Catch, youngster trying to pull in stringer full of king salmon.
the catch

Alone, backpacker looking out over endless redrock sculpted by water and wind.
Ancient Ice, photographers shooting an unusual iceberg.
ancient ice
End of the day, winter backpacker filtering water for camp.
end of the day
Pheasant hunter working through heavy cover.
pheasant hunter

Fly fisher casting on fall waters.
fly fisher
Anticipation, big game hunter using binoculars in winter setting.
Salmon fisherman at midnight June 20 on Deska River, Alaska.
midnight on the
Movin' the Herd, cowboy on horseback moving cattle in early spring.
movin' the herd