Portfolio 9 - different stuff

City dogs and country dogs, fireplug and stump.
city dogs &
country dogs
Try Again II, abandoned fishing boat.
try again II
Open range, unique metaphor for that old west term.
open range
The Brain, a mixed drink that resembles our gray matter.
the brain

First Recital x 2, a special moment.
first recital x 2
Tying down for the night, float plane at dock on remote wilderness lake at sunset.
tying down for
the night
Beauty and the Beast?, brilliant pre-dwan colors and coal-fired power plant.
beauty and
the beast?
Elephants Legs?, miniature ice formation about 5-inches tall.
elephant legs?

Mile High City, Denver skyline in brilliant pre-dawn glow.
mile high city
denver, colorado
Resting sea kayaks tied up for the night.
resting sea kayaks
Focused concentration, sneaky whitetail buck and wildlife photographer focused in the wrong direction
focused concentration
The City That Never Sleeps, skyline at night of Las Vegas, Nevada.
city that never sleeps
las vegas, nevada